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Tips For Sellers

If you aren't familiar to Gigs4five, it is an online freelancer marketplace where you can offer your services to anyone starting from $5. And when I say services, I mean almost anything. You can get paid to write, do graphic design, make videos, translate, edit, social media shares, the sky is the limit.

But for newbies, instant success with Gigs4five isn't all that common. For one thing, it can be pretty hard to get your listed gigs seen and purchased when you're just starting out. So there are a lot of people who give Gigs4five a quick whirl and then stop trying when it seems like it will be too hard to make anything.

For today's post, I talked to several different people who have had some success selling on Gigs4five to find out what tips they would offer to people just getting started on the site. I hope this is insightful and helpful for you if want to do well on Gigs4five but just have no idea how to get the ball rolling.

Always have in minTo make sure your project is complete first add a photo add your country add your skills because with 100% get more orders. always have in mind your repeat customers are the keys to success when selling on Gigs4five. When delivering orders, always remind your Buyers to leave a review and Favorite your Gigs for future ordering if they were happy with your service. Ask that if they aren't happy they allow you the opportunity to remedy the situation before leaving a poor review. Make that personal connection and let them know you are looking for an ongoing business relationship and not to simply to make a few bucks and run.

Keep your basic Gig offering short and sweet. After Gigs4five fees, you are bringing home $4. The real money is in the upsell, or Extra. Whatever your area of expertise, brainstorm tasks that can not only be completed in 5 or 10 minutes but that are also salable. For example, you could offer to write three relevant, hashtagged Tweets for $5 and then offer expedited delivery, additional Tweets and scheduling as your Extras. Your $5 Gig just turned into $100+ per order potential. We have also team up with a great social network site where you can share your Gigs4five link and boost it so you can get new buyers. 

Gigs4five is simple: Be awesome and deliver a great product. Every client you meet will want pure awesome-sauce every time, and if you're not giving that, they'll go somewhere else. There's plenty of room for mediocre sellers on Gigs4five, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be real, really good at what you do.

Generally speaking, though, this rule is dominant in any sales environment. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar store, you’re working for somebody else, you’re selling via your own website, or you’re selling via Gigs4five: quality products and services can speak for themselves and can overcome a lot of other shortfalls.

If you're not really, really good at what you do, then you really, really need to get better. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sell on Gigs4five, but it does mean that you should be actively and consistently engaged in a process of self-improvement to raise the quality of your offerings. 

Be at your best 

Customer service is really important. I know it sounds silly, but you have to make every client believe that he or she is the most important person in the entire world. Communicate quickly and be charming! You have to make them feel special and important, because the truth is, they are: your livelihood of Gigs4five depends on positive reviews and repeat clients.

But again, generally speaking, customer service is important to any venture no matter where you’re working or what you’re selling. You absolutely must learn to check your ego. This doesn’t mean that you have to let your clients treat you like garbage, but it does mean that every time you get an attitude with a client who steps out of line you’re adding another light-bulb to a massive illuminated billboard that says, “Go Away.” If you add enough light bulbs, negative reviews combined with word of mouth will drive away clients you haven’t even met yet.

There are a time and place for telling bad clients to jump off a cliff, but that should be an absolute last resort.

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